Sylvie O'Brien

Sylvie O'Brien has always been psychic. In 1987 she started to channel her guide. And in 2007 she decided to share her gift with the world. She is a Reiki Master teacher and a certified Inverse Wave Therapist. She holds classes and light hearted play shops with a variety of topics that bring healing on all levels to her clients.

My mission is to help you realign your mind, body and spirit. Our guides are here to support you on your journey with loving, gentle guidance. Together we can create what you most desire. With your willingness to expand your energy we will nudge you into a higher vibrational energy field of existance where creation begins

From Sylvie's Guides: "Thank you for joining us! We are here to assist you in love and light to honor your choices in this physical reality. With gentle guidance we are here to help you re-align your chakras, open your new power points and set into motion your creative abilities."

"You will, dear ones, feel the presence of home through our channelings."